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##OLD 8/24/2010 ## Pg 3 Class Descriptions & Registration Info

Descriptions and registration information for Susquehanna SeniorNet classes

Below on this page:
  • 1. Class Descriptions
  • 2. Lab Sessions
  • 3. How To Register
  • 4. Cost
  • 5. Location

1. Class Descriptions

Computer Fundamentals
  • This class focuses on the fun in fundamentals. Beginning students learn how a computer operates, how to organize the desktop and how to create files. They also learn computer games and programs to build computer typing skills.
Computer Applications
  • Students will learn basic word processing skills including creating, editing using cut and paste features, inserting clip art, printing documents, envelopes and return address labels. The importance of managing computer files and folders will be stressed. An introduction to spreadsheets and database for personal use will also be covered.
  • Prerequisite is completion of the fundamentals class
Digital Photo Editing using Picasa
  • Students will use Picasa software to edit and organize digital photographs
Fun With Graphics
  • Fun with Word and Paint, covers creative projects such as making greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and adding pictures and photos to documents.
Introduction to the Internet
  • Students will learn basic web searching skills including using web based e-mail and test drive popular search engines. They will also explore chat rooms where other seniors are online as a forum to discuss senior issues or a way to meet new people with similar interests.
Introduction to Email
  • This course will present the basics of Email use. Actual Yahoo and SeniorNet email accounts will be set up and used during the course. Since these accounts are username and password protected, you will be able to use your created accounts on your home computer. Various features of each provider will be tried. This course will also include a review of computer maintenance procedures.
Using Microsoft Word
  • Prerequisite is completion of the fundamentals class
  • Students will learn word processing skills including creating, editing and printing documents. They will explore inserting and deleting text, cutting and pasting text, file management, font specifications, etc.
Photoshop Elements
  • Digital Photo Editing using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
  • This course requires extensive computer knowledge
  • Prerequisite is completion of the fundamentals class
  • Students will learn skills associated with creating and editing spreadsheets
Genealogy . . . (offered intermittently only when an instructor is available)
  • This class will inclde finding genealogy information on the internet, and from other sources available through the Library, and organizing this information using genealogy software
  • Prerequisite is completion of the fundamentals class
2. Lab Sessions
  • Current and former students may use use the SeniorNet computers during lab times to practice or ask basic questions.
  • A lab monitor can be present (by advance appointment) to help you if you get "stuck"
3. How To Register
  • Pre-registration is required, due to class size being limited to 10 students for the 10 computer stations.
  • Call the Library at 326-0536, and ask the desk attendant to put your name and phone number on the "SeniorNet Callback List".
  • A registration volunteer will call you back. If you just have questions, you can also leave your number for the registration volunteer.
4. Cost
  • The cost for a 6-week session of classes is $25. This $25 charge goes to the local SeniorNet, and helps to defray the cost of computers, printing manuals, advertising, postage, and other SeniorNet operating expenses.
  • Membership in SeniorNet is required at a $40 fee, per year . This $40 fee goes to National SeniorNet in Washington, DC.
Repeating Classes
  • The cost to repeat a class is only $12.50. Members are encouraged to repeat classes as often as they like.
5. Location
  • All classes are held in the SeniorNet Learning Center, Fourth Floor, James V. Brown Library at 19 East Fourth Street in Williamsport Pennsylvania. Plenty of parking is always available in the metered lots behind the library.

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