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SeniorNet Volunteer Registrar
Deb Damaska

A. To Register Online

Step 1: Send an email to SeniorNet@track2.com .
Include your name and telephone number.  Copy and paste the session and course from the Schedule page,

  • John Smith, telephone 322-0000, after 1 pm
  • 1st Fall Class Session -- Tue Sep 7 thru Mon Oct 18 
  • Tue, Sep 7, 10:15 am to 12:15 pm -- Applications
Step 2:  The Registrar will contact you either by telephone or email, to confirm your registration, or answer questions.

B. To Register by Telephone
  • Call the James V. Brown Library at (570) 326-0536, and ask the desk attendant to put your name and telephone number on the "SeniorNet Callback List". The Registrar will call you back, to discuss what course you are interested in.
C. To Contact SeniorNet by Snail Mail
  • Susquehanna SeniorNet
  • c/o James V. Brown Library
  • 19 East Fourth Street
  • Williamsport, PA 17701-6390
Page updated 8/2/2008 by Deb Damaska  (8/28 jri)

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